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Ocean & Earth is a brand that has passed the test of time, founded way back in 1978 and a core of the surfing industry ever since. Known originally for their accessories and clothing, in recent years O&E has grown its range of Soft Top Surfboards including collaborations with famous surfboard designer & former world champion Mark Richards, and artists like Jack Irvine to produce an enviable list of quiver additions.


The Range

BoardSize RangeFin Options
Ezi-Rider5’6 – 9’0Twin, Thruster, Quad
Happy Hour5’6 – 7’64+1
Bug Mini4’0 – 6’0Twin, Thruster
Creative Army7’0 – 9’02+1, Single Fin
MR Twin5’6 – 6’0Twin, Thruster
Puffer5’4Thruster, 5 Fin
Surf School6’0 – 9’0Thruster
Body Board36″ – 48″

Ocean and Earth Ezi-Rider 6'0


The Ezi-Rider is the most versatile, and customisable board in the Ocean & Earth range. Offered up in lengths from 5’6 all the way through to 9’0, and with various shape differences.

The classic Ezi-Rider is available with a thruster configuration and fish tail from 5’6 – 7’0 and a round tail from 7’6 – 9’0.

Special editions such as the MR Twin, Flying Fish and Bat Outta Hell provide subtle changes such as Twin & Quad fin configurations, and a more classic wider tail fish shape.

See why the Ezi-Rider Fish is our pick for Best First Shortboard

It is important that your first shortboard has a moderate shape, and is able to turn with stability.

For this reason, I am a huge fan of boards that use shapes adopted from more conventional styles when shortboard surfing was more of an evolution of longboarding. A classic is the fish shape, with a large amount of width in the front of the board to ease paddling and surfing in small waves.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour is normally when you rush back to the bar to order the most drinks before time is up, and this board is serving up two for one deals on waves for the entire session.

The egg shape with a wide round nose and a flat rocker profile makes paddling fast and easy, getting you onto even the smallest waves.

The narrow tail and versatile 5 fin setup allow you to get your weight onto your back foot and turn this board aggressively.

A great board for those who want to share the benefits of both a longboard and shortboard.

Ocean & Earth Happy Hour

OceanEarth FreaksBug

Bug Mini

A board designed just for the grommets to learn and progress on.

The Bug Mini series is budget friendly, and made in smaller sizes that better suit kids who want to learn to surf. By learning on a board that is safe and appropriately sized they will quickly gain the skills and confidence required to progress.

Keeping the board lightweight, soft and with flexible rubber fins ensures that those learning wipeouts dont discourage your grom.

Creative Army

Creative Army is the surfboard brand of World Champion longboarder Josh Constable.

The CA range of epoxy softboards come in lengths from 7’0 through to 9’0 and all retain this classic shape, known for easy wave catching ability and performance longboard performance.

This is not your typical beginner longboard foamie, this is a real longboard with the ability for tight tail turns and nose riding fun.

Ocean Earth - Creative Army
Ocean & Earth -MR Twin Surfboard

MR Twin

Ocean & Earth make two remixes of the famous Mark Richards twin fin shape.

The MR Epoxy has the classic outline and sharp nose and tail, and of course the retro graphics to complete the package.

The MR Ezi-Rider is Mark’s take on the classic O&E Ezi-Rider line-up, bringing some twin fin performance to this allrounder.

Twin fins, or twinnies are known for their down the line speed and loose turns. The O&E range has the ability to drop in a central stabiliser fin if required for a more locked in ride.

A modern take on a classic

The Mark Richards twin fin is a classic surfboard shape that holds its own in the history of surfing. This board is responsible for the back-to-back world championships earned by Mark in the early 80s.

Refined and updated for modern needs, the MR Twin shape is a weapon of a surfboard in small waves.


Another classic design from Mark Richards, the Puffer is offered in one size only as a high-performance softtop shortboard.

While only 5’4, the Puffer still fills out at 38L with plenty of volume forward to make this paddle like a bigger board.

With the inclusion of 3 stringers, and FCS1 compatible fin boxes this board is targeted at the advanced surfer looking for a softtop shortboard that can perform like a shortboard.

Ocean & Earth - Puffer
Ocean & Earth - Surf School

Surf School

Ocean & Earth make a dedicated range of surf school surfboards.

These boards have a classic beginner longboard shape, and are perfect for getting those first waves.

As an individual surfer, I don’t recommend buying surf school designed boards. They are significantly more expensive, and most of this is due to the heavy duty nature.

Once you can stand up and ride a wave, you will progress faster on a lighter board which allows easier and often a shape that will assist with learning to turn across the wave.

Body Boards

Ocean & Earth not only sells a huge range of accessories and apparel, but they also have a series of Body Boards within their softtop lineup.

The Razor bodyboard is available in lengths from 36″ to 48″, and all sizes benefit from the added stiffness of a fiberglass stringer.

Ocean & Earth - Razor BodyBoard

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