Hi there.

Thanks for loving my site so much that you want to learn about me. My name is Declan Walsh, and I am a keen, but very amateur surfer.

Why I started Soft Top Surf

I get frustrated with fiberglass surfboards constantly being damaged with dings and cracks, and I live in terror whenever I have to send my boards into the cargo hold of an airplane. I have had some of my most fun waves playing on soft boards, and I had seen the progression of Soft Boards through the likes of pro surfers Jamie O’Brien and Ben Gravy. I made the decision to add a performance softboard to my quiver and began researching.

What I found was a huge number of boards available, but no resource to compare them all and tell me what would work for me.

The more I researched, the more I changed my mind, as each board maker had such a different way of describing their product. I ended up with a large amount of knowledge and I wanted to share it. I knew that I was not along in wanting to know more about soft top surfboards, as paddling out into a decent line up on a bright green 4’10” board gets you a few inquisitive looks. After my first wave, someone always paddles over to ask me about my board and to discuss how that had been thinking of going soft!

The Mission

Surfing for me is all about fun. Clearing your head, getting fresh air, and forgetting my other stresses. I just want to share that feeling with you, whether you are a first timer looking to get into the sport (welcome!), working your way up the ranks and keen to progress, or a seasoned reef jumper who wants to throw some fins out between the flags.

Anyway, enough about me. This site is about you and your new surfboard. Take a look around, I suggest you Start Here, or drop me a message over on the Contact page and let me know what’s on your mind.

See you in the water!