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Catch Surf is the poster child of soft top surfing for the advanced rider. Having been in business since 2007 the company has taken the lead on changing the perception of soft top surfboards, with a range of brightly colored, fun, high performing boards and a team of professional surfers to show us how hard these boards can be ridden.


The Range

BoardSizeVolumeFin Options
Beater Original 484’031Finless, Twin
Beater Original 544’635Finless, Twin
Odysea 54 Special4’632Thruster
Odysea Stump5’036Thruster
Odysea Skipper 5’642Quad, Thurster
Odysea Skipper 6’048Quad, Thurster
Odysea Skipper 6’655Quad, Thurster
Odysea JOB Pro 5’25’238Five Fin
Odysea JOB Pro 5’85’842Five Fin
Odysea Log6’057Thruster
Odysea Log7’072Thruster
Odysea Log8’086Thruster
Odysea Log9’098Thruster
Odysea Plank6’057Single
Odysea Plank7’072Single
Odysea Plank8’086Single
Odysea Plank9’098Single
Lost RNF5’542Thruster
Lost RNF5’1148Thruster
Lost RNF6’556Thruster
Lost Crowd Killer7’253Thruster
Catch Surf Beater


The beater is the ultimate funboard for small waves and shore breaks.

As the smallest surfboard in the Catch Surf range (excluding the stand up bodyboard) this board is all about playtime.

Offered as a twin or finless, either way it is incredibly loose and will have you trying things you wouldn’t even think of on another board.

The Beater – Great for Small Wave Fun

There is a common misconception in surfing that shortboards are for large waves and longboards are for small waves. This is far from the truth, and you may be surprised just how much fun and progression you can have on a shortboard in small waves.

Odysea 54 Special

If the Beater and the Stump had a baby it would be the 54 Special.

Take the pint sized fun of the Beater and use the aggressive shape and rocker of the Stump, along with a performance thruster setup.

This board is for those who are considering the Beater for those playful days, but still want the ability to rip down the line when that set wave comes through.

Catch Surf Odysea 54 Special

Catch Surf Odysea Stump

Odysea Stump

Honey, I shrunk the Plank.

Take the classic Plank and compress it down into a high-performance yet petite 5’0.

This board performs beyond its first impressions, and in the right hands can really be lit up.

As a high volume board, it is also perfect for getting little groms there first waves.

Odysea Skipper

This is the closest you will get to a conventional shortboard competitor within the Catch Surf core range.

The skipper combines a classic fish shape, but with the high volume that the Odysea range of surfboards is known for.

Available as either a Quad or Thurster configuration, including FCS compatible fin slots.

Catch Surf Odysea Skipper
Catch Surf JOB Pro Five Fin

Odysea JOB Pro Five Fin

The JOB Pro is the most aggressive board in the Catch Surf Odysea line up. This board is short and stiff with its triple stringers, but still packs a lot of volume.

With a 5 finbox setup this board is the most versatile, as it can be ridden as a quad or a thruster. High volume short boards are typically loose in the tail, so the quad option lets you gain some real carving performance.

Odysea Log

Log, it’s better than bad, its good!

The Log is the classic soft top longboard, made with Catch Surf quality and performance. If you are considering a soft top longboard, then you will struggle to find a better board.

A classic shape, plenty of boyancy, and removable fins in a thruster setup make this board super versatile. There are not many wave conditions where you won’t be able to have fun on the log.

Catch Surf Odysea Log

Odysea Log – Best Surfboard For Improving

Improving your surfing can be broken down into two large categories. Improving your off-wave surfing, and improving your on-wave surfing.

It is easy to think about surfing as just the act of riding a wave, but there is a lot more to it. Improving your experience and skills off-wave is fundamental and should not be overlooked.

Catch Surf Odysea Plank

Odysea Plank

If Soft top surfboards are about having fun and not taking yourself too serious, then the Plank is the epitome of Soft Top Surfboards.

Sharing the same design as the Log, but with a classic setup down the back with a large single longboard fin.

This board is made for cruising, riding the nose, and getting lots and lots of waves.

Lost RNF

The RNF, or Round Nosed Fish is a classic design from Lost that has been in production in various forms for over 25 years.

This board design will stoke anyone’s ego with how it performs. Plenty of volume up front makes paddling and wave catching easy, and the additional rail length from the fish tail provides extra stability in those big turns.

Catch Surf Lost RNF
Catch Surf Lost Crowd Killer

Lost Crowd Killer

Why is it called the Crowd Killer? Because this is the board you want in a competitive line-up.

At 7’2 and 53 litres, you are going to be picking up waves early ahead of the crowd, yet the sharp tail rocker allows you to ride the back of the board and surf it at a performance level that is unexpected from a board of this size.

Pro Models

Catch Surf has a solid lineup of big name professional surfers on their team. Sure you aren’t about to see Italo Ferreira or John John Florence paddle out in a WSL line-up on a foamie. The surfers below however use the non-competitive forums of social media and video parts to remind us that the limits of these boards are with our own skill level and that surfing one of these boards is all about fun & creativity, not taking yourself too seriously.

Current team members with Pro model gear include:

Body Boards

Catch Surf not only sells the usual range of accessories and apparel, but they also have a series of Body Boards under the Odysea range.

Boog Skim
Classic 36″
Classic 42″
Classic 45″
Stand-Up Body Board
Classic 42″ Pro

Wave Bandit

Wave Bandit is its own surfboard brand however, you may notice a large number of similarities with the board designs. The brand is owned by Catch Surf and offers a more budget-friendly version of the classic Catch Surf shapes with minor changes such as fewer stringers and softer fins.

Incase you doubted the performance ability of these lower cost boards, check out the video below of Wave Bandit’s team member Ben Gravy.

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